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Why Refinance With It'sMyCU?

$200 cash reward and NO payment for 60 days when you refinance your auto loan with It'sMyCU!*

Qualifying auto loans will receive a lower interest rate and a lower monthly payment!

Upgrade to GAP+ for additional benefits!

Add a warranty to protect your vehicle!

*Restrictions Apply

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Did you know we offer auto warranties?

  • Competitively priced warranties
  • You don't have to be a member to get an auto warranty with us!
  • Fill out the form below to get a warranty quote
  • If you have additional questions, email

Learn more about GAP Insurance

It'sMyCU has you covered with GAP Plus!

What is GAP Insurance?

  • Guaranteed Asset Protection
  • GAP insurance is additional coverage when your vehicle is deemed a total loss. It kicks in to help cover the difference if your insurance does not cover the full loan balance. 

What is GAP Plus?

  • GAP Plus is an additional $2,500 incentive that is paid to the principle of your replacement vehicle financed with It'sMyCU.

Check the value or history of a vehicle

  • Consumer vehicle values
  • The leading source of car, motorcycle, RV, and boat values
  • Vehicle search by VIN or plate number
  • Request the vehicle history report


Once your application has been reviewed, a loan officer will contact you! 

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